Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Learning... so many decisions

We continue to be amazed at how God provides for our needs... even the ones we haven't put much thought into. Our van has now spent over three months in the shop. Through 16 weeks of house guests, we haven't been able to transport them together with our family. Now that our family has six people and our car only seats 5, we are in a bit of a bind, seemingly, as we can't go anywhere as a whole family. Yet, the Belches and Albrechts have been gracious to trade vehicles with us when it's necessary, and we've yet to miss an appointment. God has also laid it on people's hearts at various times to give us gifts at just the right times that help pay for van and hospital bills. God truly provides!

Nathan has passed half of his driver's test, and will hopefully pass the second half next week so he can continue to drive legally here. I am officially enrolled in driver's school. To be repeating such a class fifteen years later makes me thankful for one thing in particular. At least I have less acne now!

Just last week I was realizing that while we've graciously been given an abundance of hand-me-downs for our three youngest kids, Elijah was without a jacket, long-sleeved shirts, and tennis shoes. Just a few days later, a friend from church came by with two bags of clothes... for Elijah... full of long-sleeve shirts, a light jacket, and tennis shoes! To put a cherry on top of God's goodness, there was even a pair of shoes with the built in wheels... something Elijah has wanted!

We continue to wrestle with the question of schooling next year. Any time we go into public during the day, we are repeatedly asked why Elijah and Levi are not in school. Our response that they are only 2 and 4 only meets with blank stares and more quandaries as to why they aren't in school. After trying to explain to some neighbors about home schooling, they felt prompted to go on their own to the local government to ask if we could do such a thing, or if our kids should be in the public schools like everyone else. SOOOO... keep praying for us, that we'd make a culturally wise decision that doesn't exclude what's best for our kids.

I have begun more proactively teaching Elijah at home. My goal is for him to be reading by the end of this school year. He loves to learn. Today wrote his name for the very first time as well as the word "mom." He was so excited, he asked if I could buy him a book that had the words "Elijah" and "mom" in it so he could read it to his siblings. When I told him that soon he could be reading ALL the words in his books, he gave me a giant hug and just beamed!

He also enjoyed learning about magnets a few days ago, thanks the kids breaking one of my necklaces that had magnetic beads in it.