Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today marks a blessed milestone for Levi. He went 12 hours last night between feedings. I sooo hope this becomes his habit, and I'll be able to get consistent sleep from now on.

It's been so fun watching the boys learn to love each other. Elijah is wanting Levi to watch him play with his cars and other toys. I've even found Thomas the Train tucked away in the car seat with Levi when we reach our destination (most assuredly his brother gave it to him, not Nathan or I!) Yesterday, while Levi was playing on the floor, Elijah was walking around talking to Nathan on my cell phone. He must have realized Levi would want to talk to daddy too, so he went over and held the phone above Levi for a good ten minutes. He then lowered the phone to Levi's lips so daddy could "kiss" him through the phone. These things may seem small, but they are sweet until the days of dog piles, wrestling, and trekking through the woods together. I always thought of sisters as being more nurturing, but Elijah's slowly developing a "fatherly" instinct. I've caught him"babying" his teddy lately. He puts him on the floor gym, the changing table, and even on the potty chair. I caught him the other day sharing his snack with him. What a joy it is to be at home and watch my boys grow and mature!

Here are some other pictures from this week...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ok... this is random, but I had to try it out. I think I'm getting slow in my old age.

77 words

Speed test

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The other night, Levi surprised me by sleeping 11 hours. But... this is why:

Does anyone else have a thumb sucker?

Today was Levi's two month appointment, and he weighed in at 13lbs 9oz and is 23 1/4" long. Where did my little baby go? Just for fun, I pulled out Elijah's growth chart to compare their sizes at the same age... Elijah was 9lb 13oz and 20 3/4" That's almost a 4 pound and 3 inch difference! It'll be interesting to see if the boys end up being about the same size when they're older or if Levi will outgrow his "big" brother. On the down side, I found out Elijah has double ear infections AGAIN. Poor boy.

Here are some Levi pictures...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Per Marci's request (my one, I'm finally going to update.

This weekend I decided to take Elijah out to enjoy the beautiful snow. He hasn't been out sledding much due to how cold it's been, but we finally had a blue sky and 32 degree weather. Thinking I'd capture some wonderful kodak moments of my son and me enjoying a blissful winter day, I brought my camera. Sadly, things never turn out quite the way you want. I have NO idea why everyone else gets big grins and gleeful smiles from their kids when they go sledding... All I can figure is that I have a son who'd rather be in Florida. (Not to mention the meltdown he had when I stuck raisins on the snowman for a mouth and chocolate kisses for eyes. He couldn't fathom why I'd be wasting a perfectly good snack!)

On the Levi front, he continues to be a delightful baby. He's so alert and attentive and smiley. He's trying really hard to "cluck" and talk to us. Here are some pictures of his bath this morning.

On the sweet side, Elijah is loving being a big brother now. He's always making sure Levi has a binky and blanky. He also likes to hold Levi's hand and saying "hi".

And now, here are two bonus pictures from this week. Elijah was feeling cuddly while watching The Sound of Music. And, Elijah got to take a bath with his best friend Sophie :-)