Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last night was a big night for us. Elijah slept twelve hours in his big boy bed, and Levi slept twelve hours in his bassinet (He's been sleeping in his car seat up till this point). I'm hoping that in the next couple of days they'll be able to share a room!

Ok, so is any one else having a problem with blogger posting pictures? It scrambles them all into letters and symbols, so I can't order them on the page. I think I'm seeing the html format of the pics. Any ideas?


Pam said...

I had problems figuring out what to do with pictures. I adjust it with the html stuff (that's my technical term there). I actually tried to type out an explanation and it just made it sound more confusing. Sorry I can't be a better help.

By the way, I mentioned you in my post today (see #10).

Brett Lizzi and Ethan said...

Cute pictures!! Brett and I agreed they look a lot alike! Levi is super smiley too : ).

Andrew, Arianna, and Liam said...

You guys make cute kids!