Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back in Michigan...

Well, after six long weeks, our family has landed back in our little blue house in Michigan. It was such a joy being able to spend time with family, let the cousins bond, and get to travel to Tenerife. I'm sure many of you are wondering how our time went. It's really hard to actually find words to describe the trip... but suffice it to say, it seems to be a really good fit- both culturally and ministerilly (is that a word?) It is so apparent that God is moving on that island and calling people to Himself. The soil appears fertile, and we feel that God is leading us there to be workers. As far as the timing is concerned, that is entirely in God's hands. At this point though, the doors seem to be opening for us to move in that direction.

For me, the trip was much different than all the other short-term trips I've been. Being a mom now, and also looking at it from the eyes of potentially living there long-term, it brought up a lot more emotions and wrestling matches with the Lord. God showed me how strong my pride and longing for comfort is, but I've been super challenged by 2 Corinthians 4 and 5 which have given me a desire to hope in the eternal and not in the temporal.

So, as always, we appreciate your prayers as we tentatively move forward and as we seek God to work out the details.

Here are some pictures of us on the island and with various people from the church there.

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Alan, Marci, and Maya said...

We need to talk! This weekend was should slow down now that Alan is back to work. Yeah right! Anyway, call me some evening this week...please. :)