Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tenerife Update

For those of you who are wondering where we're at in the process of actually moving to Tenerife, here is where we're at:

We just learned this week that we are officially "Candidates" with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM). This means that they've reviewed our applications, references, physicals, psychiatric evaluations, and doctrinal beliefs and decided that they would like to partner with our church in sending us overseas. So, the next step is going to Wheaton next week to have our placement interviews. This will be two days of interviewing with various people at TEAM (including a language aptitude test... so pray for my Spanish!) Since I'm nursing, we'll be taking Levi, though they typically ask that no children come. Pray that he is content and flexible.

As far as our church goes, we had a nice dinner and question and answer time last wednesday with the Belches (missionaries) and our elders about the ministry in Tenerife. Our elders our hoping to decide conclusively in the next 6 weeks whether or not to send us.

TEAM has given us the go ahead to start raising funds, but we've not officially began that endeavor.

We'll keep you posted, and we covet your prayers!

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Andrew, Arianna, and Liam said...

Let us know if you need a place to stay! We're praying for you guys!