Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're Home!!!

At long last, we are HOME! It was a great joy getting to know the staff, nurses, and other NICU parents at Oakwood, and many of them became dear to us as they walked this journey with us, but I must say, it is wonderful to have our little girl home! She has amazed us with how well she's eaten today. It's like she was just waiting to show off her skills once she was discharged!

Our hearts continue to be amazed at this incredible gift we've been given. I even marvel that she was conceived the same month I started praying for a daughter. God is a big God!

Enough talking... here are some pictures and videos. We are very, very blessed.


Pam said...


Lindsay said...

So cute. Thanks for sharing pictures and the video! I'll be in Michigan this weekend (Thurs - Mon). Maybe I can convince Julie to bring me to visit you guys? I'd love to meet her.

Michael and Jessica said...

yay! SO glad to hear you're home and that Eliana is doing so well! Thanks for keeping us posted over these past several days!

spencer said...
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