Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A sundry of Things

A week ago, Nathan treated us all to a minor league baseball game here in Grand Rapids. We live a mile from the stadium, and we'd never been there! It happened to be Star Wars night, and it also happened to RAIN... er... DOWN pour most of the evening. Let's just say it was an adventure, but our beloved White Caps won the game, and the boys had a BLAST playing with their nifty light sabers.

Also last week, Eliana's adoption was finalized in the courts. She now has a new birth certificate with her name and us listed as her parents! YAHOO! She has been "ours" this whole time, but now we have the paperwork to prove it! She's such a sweet little girl. She is so content to roll about the floor, and she ADORES her brothers, as seen in the video below...

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Anonymous said...

oh my! she is adorable! in this video, she sounds like a squeaky toy :)