Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tenerife Update

Two weeks ago we were able to go to the Spanish Consulate in Chicago and apply for our visas! They said that we "appeared" to have all of our documents in order. They also said to expect at least a 3 month wait. The reality is, (and always has been) that our times in in God's hands. The Albrechts (soon-to-be-coworkers in Tenerife) received both of their Visas within 6 weeks using this same consulate. Lois Belch (another coworker) was told this summer to expect at least 3 months, and hers arrived after 6 weeks as well. So, it's possible we could have them in a month or so. It's also possible it'll be 3 months from now. Either way, our time here is short. Our hearts are growing with excitement to be working alongside of the Albrechts and Belches with the people of Tenerife.

Here's a huge prayer request. Whenever we get word that our Visas are ready, we have to go pick them up within 30 days, WITH OUR PLANE TICKETS IN HAND. They stamp the visa directly onto the tickets. This means we have to be financially ready to move when we go pick up our visas. We are still short about $800 a month at this point. We are confident that God will provide in His way and His timing, and we ask you to pray to that end as well. We praise God that He's already provided the bulk of our monthly support, and we basically have all we need for one time support.

We will keep you posted as our Visas arrive, and as we get prepared to actually "launch." Continue to pray for our family during this time. Elijah seems to really understand we are moving to some place called Tenerife that is a volcano and is surrounded by deep water (which he is convinced shelters the infamous "big fish" that swallowed Jonah). He was quite sad this week when we explained it would mean leaving behind our "blue" house here in MI and getting a new place to live. I asked him what he could take to make the new place feel like home, and he said, "my jacks." They are from the dollar store. I wish I were so easily contented!

If anyone reading this would like to receive our updates via email, please leave a comment with your email address, or email me directly.

(p.s.... just to clarify some confusion... the visas we have applied for are NOT credit cards we'll use to charge our way to Tenerife. :-) They are documents from Spain granting us legal permision to do religious work in Tenerife)


Dana said...

So exciting! I would like to be on your mailing list if you still have my email. If not, will you leave a comment on my blog and I will see if I have yours somewhere?

Emily said...

Hi Julie! This is great news! Will you add the TEAM Prayer Letter inbox to your mailing list? It's pr_letters at teamworld dot org. Thanks! Emily T.