Monday, February 08, 2010

A long needed update...

I have been confronted with the utmost of love by my wonderful mother-in-law that it has been far too long since I updated my blog. Life is a constant whirlwind these days with trips and visits and goodbyes and sorting through a whole house and enjoying our three little blessings. So, I realize in my flurry of activity I've probably lost all followers of this blog. But, none the less, for Nana's sake, I'll update.

We have been astounded by God's provision and grace over the last few weeks. In two weeks, He provided the $800 a month we needed to get approval to move to Tenerife. We are officially at our minimum $ to go (but there is still more support they'd like us to raise.) We have received Nathan's visa, and we are still awaiting mine and the kids. Once they come, we'll purchase tickets, and Lord willing, travel on March 3rd.

We are so excited for what lies ahead, and also sad as we say goodbye to our wonderful church family and biological families. We were blessed to be able to fly to Spokane for a week (last week) to say goodbye to my family. Upon our arrival to Grand Rapids, Nathan's parents came from TN. Nathan is enjoying a week of Biblical Counseling training (NANC) in IN with his dad, while his mom stays here to help me with the kids.

I know, I know, enough words. Elijah turned FOUR today. Eliana turned ONE last month, and Levi turned TWO on Christmas.

Without further ado, here are a few pictures:

Our family

Me and my dear new friend, Svetlana

Our send off from FBC

Levi's 2nd Birthday... a long reason why we do cupcakes for him!

Our little man

Elijah is taking a sport's sampler class at the Y. He's loving it.

Three kids in a tub... rubba dub dub.

Eliana's 1st Birthday

Nana and her cake maker helpers

Compton-side cousins: Ephraim, Elijah, Emmett, E?, Levi, Ellie, and Eliana

Elijah blowing out his FOUR candles on his cool dinosaur cake

Elijah and Emmett are best buds. They got to have a sleep over at grandma and pa's

Eliana with Grandpa and Daddy (aka "BAAAH"

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Brett Liz Ethan Seth said...

Julie! Your entire family is so photogenic! I loved the pics. It was great seeing you briefly in Spokane last week. I already miss you. Excited to see God working. Hopefully we can catch up more soon : ). Love ya!