Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm realizing, time and time again, that I am not in control. You'd think I'd just learn the lesson, but God graciously keeps giving me circumstances to remind me that HE is the sovereign, and not myself.

Our last two weeks, in a nutshell: Discover I'm pregnant, shock- then excitement, reserve airline tickets for Tenerife as word of mouth was our visas would be ready last Friday, get rid of more furniture, start bleeding, worry about miscarriage (God is good), Levi develops high fever and lethargy, urgent care, antibiotics, blood work, ultrasound, baby is ok (God is good!), Elijah develops strep throat, antibiotics, learn visas are no where near ready, Spain makes it clear it is THEIR decision IF we get to come, cancel reservations, Julie has a melt down, Nathan frantically picks up shifts at Starbucks so we don't lose insurance, I pull out my neck (God is good), Levi draws a mural on all walls and surfaces of his room, daylight savings robs us of a precious hour, Elijah won't eat or drink...

But in all of this, we are seeing that GOD IS GOOD! His ways are truly not our ways, but His ways are good. We covet your prayers during all these transitions and trials.

On the cuter side of things, Eliana now likes to play dress-up! She puts hats on all by herself, and necklaces. I helped with the gloves :-) She even walks around with a purse at times! It's incredible how boys and girls are programmed so differently!


Pam said...

God is good, and I praise Him for your example of trust. I will be praying for you all, my dear friend.

Brianne said...

Oh Julie!!! God is good, and trials are still hard! But that's what makes God so good - he takes them and molds us and makes us more like Him through them. Praising Him for His grace and the faith He's given you. Wish I could come help! Loves,