Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's true. Parenting can be filled with hardships, worries, and challenges. But, there are moments that fill you with such joy that it all becomes worth it. Today I had two such moments...

For two years (yes, her whole life), Eliana has fought us when it comes time to drink her milk. We've tested her for reflux, milk allergies, and muscular problems that could prevent her from swallowing correctly. It just became our battle. Every day, twice a day. We say "drink." She says "no." Some days it would take close to two hours. But, today, God gave great grace. Eliana drank her milk (twice!) without fighting us! And she drank it quickly! Here's the proof...(ok, so in the first pic, she was debating a battle... but then....)

The second moment came not much later. Elijah began to read. He read me two beginner books. I even covered up the pictures so he couldn't cheat and guess at what it was saying. He also began writing his name well, and drawing stick figures. My boy reads!


Anonymous said...

:) :) :)
That rocks. You rock. Nathan rocks. The Kids Rock.

how cool to see such awesome things happening.

Michael said...

God is so good!! It's amazing when you have kids the things that make you say "Thank you Jesus"! I'm glad she finally gave in. Great job on being consistent even in the little things!! I'm so excited for Elijah what a big boy!! Now he can start reading to his siblings:)

Nathanael said...

That is so amazing! I remember those battles, and I know how hard you've been working to help Elijah. God is so good!!!!