Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Times They are a Changin'

Life had changed. Why? Lucas has changed. My once, snuggly, stationary, content little man has turned into a 26 pound freight train on the go! I'm not saying it's all changed for the bad... The dear chap has finally figured out that solid food is for eating, and there is MUCH more to life than mommy's milk. This discovery has led to two HUGE blessings. Lucas no longer blows out diapers, and (this is my favorite), he sleeps 12 hours at night.

With this new fetish for eating comes a definite downside. He eats everything. I think my other kids must have put things in their mouths, but man, it's my constant plea that God graciously keeps Lucas alive despite all of the odds and ends his siblings leave on the floor for him to encounter.

(These are items I fished out of Lucas's mouth in a 24 hour period)

In two short weeks, Lucas has gotten four teeth, began crawling, attempts to climb the stairs, eats three square meals a day, and is starting to prefer daddy. I'm beginning to realize how fun life is going to be with four "big" kids.

(Lucas now leaves out the front door at will. Our door is always open to provide a breeze as we don't have air conditioning)

(He's also now trying to climb the stairs... and these aren't soft wooden stairs covered with carpet.
Can you say marble?)

 (Lucas isn't making much effort to walk, but Elijah is trying to help motivate him. But, as you can tell, lugging 26 lbs of "dead" weight isn't easy!)

(Peek a Boo!)

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