Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our First Week in Spokane

We've spent a full week in Spokane already, and what a full, fun week it was! Elijah and Daddy went on a two day camping trip with Uncle Bob and cousin Emmett. Elijah was the youngest kid there by 4 years, and he did a great job keeping up with the big boys. It's been great getting to meet some of my friends' babies and letting the kids get acquainted. It was also refreshing to spend a Sunday at our old church here (though I was there with my two and Jeannie's three kids... five is a lot more busy/difficult than two!) Both boys have loved playing with their cousins and bonding with uncle Bob and Auntie Jeannie. Today we moved to my parents' house where we'll be for the next week. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun with the bunny rabbit and hot tub :-) Today was also sad as we had to say goodbye to Nathan. He flew out this morning with the team to Tenerife. We're excited to see how God will use him, but Elijah wept the whole way home from the airport. I think he understands he won't see daddy for awhile. Here are some pictures of our fun so far.

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Brett Lizzi and Ethan said...

Such fun pics. It's great having you in town for awhile! Hope you have a great time with your parents. Call me and let's go for a walk soon! : ) Liz