Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tenerife or Bust

And we're off!!!

Ok, well not quite yet... but tomorrow Levi and I take off to join Nathan in Tenerife. We covet your prayers for traveling mercies and opportunities to love those around us as we have 24 hours of travel ahead of us. We will arrive (Lord willing) around 1:30pm PST on Thursday.

Continue to pray for the ministry happening there as the team wraps up their main outreach activities. Many good doors have been opened, and several people seem soft towards the gospel.

Pray also for Nathan and I as we seek God's will for our future ministry. Oh, and since you'll already be praying for so much, you could pray for Elijah as he's without mommy and daddy for two weeks :-(

We had a wonderful time at Christ our Hope Bible Church's family camp last weekend. Here are two pictures of Elijah at camp, and one pic of Nathan in Tenerife (who apparently has shaved off his beard!)

I'll update again from Tenerife as soon as I can!

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Evan, Kendra, and Elias said...

We are praying for you guys and hope traveling with Levi goes well! :) (P.S. That video of Elijah is SO CUTE!!!).