Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Big Boy...

Elijah is officially in potty training. He hasn't worn a diaper (during the day) since Sunday! It's amazing what a sticker chart can do towards motivating success! I'm curious to hear from those of you who have already gone through potty training... how do you get them to go #2? He's clearly holding it in... And for those of you who are yet to come down this road, here's the one big lesson I've learned. DO NOT through poopy pants straight into the washer without wrinsing them out first. It smells.. er... spells disaster!

On the less grotesque side of things, Elijah has been so funny with the questions he's asking. He's our family happy-o-meter. Probably 20 times a day he asks each of us, "Are you happy, dad? Are you happy, mom?" He also asks, "Dad, are you home?" every few minutes while Nathan is home. I can tell he's feeling the crunch of the end of seminary for Nathan.

Here's a funny video of Elijah showing off his "big" muscles. I think he might have hurt something :-)



Brett Lizzi and Ethan said...

Cute little muscle man you have! Good luck with the potty training!

Eric 'n Leah said...

I strait out bribed them. Poop in the toilet=gummy shark (can you say BULK BINS!?). Over time the gummy shark became a gummy fish, then a gummy bear, then an M&M....then nothing- unless they reminded me. :-) Have fun! Leah

Eric 'n Leah said...

Oh, and we cut out constipating foods like cheese, bananas, and sugary snacks. Bring on the prune or pear juice and baked apple snacks. Soften that stuff up, that will help too.
Okay, I'm done.

Kate said...

Great job! We went for the bribery method too :) Although we went for a big one at first ... his own real sized basketball. Sammy was super excited about that. Then on an everday occurance we did chocolate chips (1 for #1 or staying dry and 2 for #2) which then turned into stickers on a sheet and a little bigger treat when the sheet was full.