Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tenerife Update...

Some of you may be wondering where we are at in the process of moving to Tenerife. We are still moving forward in the process, and are growing more and more excited to begin working alongside of he Belches and Albrechts in the Canary Islands. We had the joy of sharing a lunch with the Albrechts on Monday as they were in Indiana for a conference. Talking and praying with them was refreshing to us, and energized our hope to be in Tenerife by the years end.

Nathan officially finished seminary last week! So, this is a huge hurdle to be over. Next comes ordination in May, our final TEAM training in June, a six week visit to supporting churches in Spokane in September/October, and hopefully departure for Tenerife in November. (Somewhere mixed in there is Nathan's brothers wedding, a missions trip to LA, a visit to family in TN and FL, and who knows what else!)

We are so thankful that all timelines are in God's hands. We have a "plan" but we know that it will be God that gets us there. It's easy to get discouraged if we focus on our nation and world's dwindling economies, but we know God is a big God, and He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

Please be praying with us as we:
-continue raising financial and prayer support
-transition our ministry here at MBC
-shepherd and love our children in the midst of our busy schedule
-seek visas which is a tricky business
-figure out how and when to get rid of all of our "stuff"

For fun, if you'd like to get a flavor of Tenerife culture, check out this video on "Lucha Canaria" a traditional form of Canarian wrestling...

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Brianne said...

Did I see you're coming to LA?? :)
Would love to see you, if your missions trip would afford a day or two on either end! :)