Friday, February 13, 2009

Three Years and One Month

Elijah turned 3 last Sunday! It's hard to believe he's becoming a little man already. This year we threw him a full-on party since he really understood the concept and was excited. We were blessed to have many of his friends and surrogate family there. He was just beaming the whole day.

Eliana turned 1 month yesterday. She's still such a little girl, but she's definitely growing. She is now 19" and 8lbs even. So, she's getting to be the size of a full-term baby (and she's still got two weeks before she's at her due date!) She's very sleepy still, and maybe spends 1-2 hours a day awake. I can't wait for her to be more alert and interactive.

I unfortunately am quite sick. It hit me all of a sudden. I went in to the doctor last night and learned I have bronchitis, strep, and an ear infection. They gave me a shot of antibiotic in the leg that hurt like crazy. It actually made my leg go numb so I stalled out the car twice driving home. I'm just praying that Eliana doesn't get sick!

Elijah went to the allergist last week. We learned he is allergic to: grass, trees, mold, dust mites, corn stalks, cats, oranges, and corn. Now, corn may not seem like a very big deal compared to milk, soy, wheat, or nuts. But, try to find one cereal, bread, or yummy food that doesn't have corn starch, corn meal, or corn syrup in it! The allergist made a big deal about us removing it from his diet for 6 months, but then today at his 3 year appointment, his pediatrician said, "oh, just keep feeding him like normal." Humph... anyone else out there have a corn allergy?

As for Levi, he has double ear infections and he's getting three teeth. He's not the happiest camper ever...

We got to enjoy the outdoors for a few minutes since the temperature rose into the sweltering 30's. Levi LOVED playing on the slide. I can tell this spring we'll have lots of fun at the park!


Brett Lizzi Ethan Seth said...

I can't believe you have a three year old! Time goes so fast. Your kids are adorable! I miss you. Let's chat soon. : )

Andie said...

Poor guy. that's a lot of allergies! Is corn popular in the canary islands?