Monday, September 13, 2010

Child-Like Faith

Lately I have been so encouraged by how soft Elijah’s heart has been towards the Lord, and also how genuine his faith appears to be. While I’m hesitant to tell him I think he’s “saved” or to encourage him to pray a prayer, I think that to the extent that a four year old can have faith- he has it.

Lately when he disobeys, when we send him to the bathroom to await discipline, he prays during that time (audibly where I can hear), “God, please help me to obey!”

Yesterday, when Nathan was giving each kid an obedience challenge for the day, he asked Elijah to really work on not arguing or answering us with “But…!” After Bible time, Elijah said, “When I get to Heaven, God will take away all my buts! And all my other sins!”

Today during Bible time, Nathan was working through the Old Testament, and went through the 10 Commandments with the kids. He explained stealing (which the kids have had a bit of a problem with. If they like a toy from the church nursery, for example, they just put it on their pocket and take it home.) Last week while we were at the Belches, Elijah really liked a certain plastic toy soldier, and brought it home. I explained that it was stealing, but then he lost it, so we took one of our soldiers over to their house in exchange. After Bible time today, Elijah exclaimed , “I’m sooo sorry that I took that soldier from Buelo and Buelas house! I shouldn’t have done that!” It was so encouraging to see him apply scripture and feel conviction over sin!

A few minutes ago, while watching the movie "Prince of Egypt," Elijah turned to Levi and said, “Levi, Moses doesn’t want to be a king anymore, he wants to be a new man, who God likes!”

On a lighter (and maybe t.m.i.) note, Elijah is in the habit of describing his poops every time he finishes. There are turtles and sticks and rocks, and wet and dry, etc. Yesterday after finishing his business, he cried out, “HEY! This poop is like Jesus walking on the water!” (it was a floater).

Oh how I long to see all of our kids walking by faith and letting Christ be their King. I'm so thankful for encouraging glimpses of seeds taking root in our eldest's heart!


Nathanael said...

That is so amazing and encouraging! I'm so glad to hear that! And it is hilarious that Elijah is describing his poo!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome :)
it's funny that he was fascinated by his poo...

Susan said...

sooo encouraging. I know it's God working in his heart, but I also commend your parenting. Thank you for modeling a consistent Christ centered home to Nate and I. Wish we could still be with you!

Shannon said...

This is so precious and so encouraging! Thank you for sharing this!