Monday, October 04, 2010

Bunkbed made to Order

We've had the blessing of Nathan's parents being with us the last few weeks. They are here for the birth of Lucas and have been super helpful with the kids and around the house. Since Lucas seems content to stay inside for the time being, we were able to go enjoy Loro Parque last week. Here are Nana and Dupda with the kids watching the Killer Whale show.

We put to use Dupda's painting skills and decided to paint the boys room.

The boys have been begging for a bunk bed, and since we've decided to move Lucas's crib into the boys' room (instead of making him endure trying to sleep with a very curious 20 month old sister...), Nathan surprised me with his woodworking abilities and made a very sturdy bunk bed. Here is a glimpse of the process...

And now we have to decide if this indeed too high of a bunk bed, and if the cost of an ER visit outweighs the cost of altering the height and adding a slanted latter... But, the boys are thrilled, none the less!

Also this week, our neighbor's god children came by for an unexpected play date. Elijah had fun playing memory with them and assembling puzzles.

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