Monday, July 11, 2011

A Family with Many Faces

As I take pictures, I realize how expressive my kids are. I'm sure everyone is expressive, but I love how you can see their hearts, emotions, and thoughts written on their faces.

Just for fun, here are some of the many faces I see on Levi.
Levi tends to be moody.

Little things make him go inside of himself.

But, thankfully, if you talk with him...

He comes back around.

And returns to his joyful self.

Levi is my artist. I think his moodiness and this art-propensity go hand in hand. He loves to build with legos, and he could color all day long. Those are all of his pictures in the background minus the dog in the grass.

I love this little face.

Levi has one of the most expressive noses I know. He can contort it more than the average person.

Tomorrow, I'll post some of the many faces of Eliana.

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