Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Vegetable Soup...

More family faces are sure to come, but since I had these pictures, I thought I'd share with you another delicious, easy, healthy veggie soup.

I started with raw pumpkin, red peppers, zucchini, garlic, and onion (what I happened to have in my fridge)

 And after cooking it till it was mushy in veggie broth, I pureed it and added salt and pepper before setting it to simmer.

What I'm not mentioning was the large dallop of cream cheese I threw in there :-)  This was called "healthy" vegetable soup, after all! This soup was equally as yummy and probably more warmly received than the green one last week. I usually give it to the kids in a mug with a straw, and they have it drank down before I can even sit down.

Before pureeing it, I pulled out some of the ultrasoft veggies to give to Lucas. He still won't eat off of a spoon, but he was quite delighted to try the red pepper and pumpkin.

As a side dish, I thought I'd cook the corn on the cob Nathan had found.

Is it normal for corn to have so few kernels? I felt like each ear had only half the kernels it should have had. But, Levi had fun helping me shuck, all the same.

And I discovered that already-eaten corn cobs make great teethers!

For desert, Lucas ate a lego. Lucas pretty much likes to eat everything.
We have entered the "danger zone."

So, to end, I issue you a challenge. I dare you to pull out your crock pot, throw in whatever fresh or frozen veggies you have. Cook them in broth (veggie or chicken), and then puree them. Part two of the challenge is to take pictures and tell me about it :-)


Our Journey said...

That corn has an issue, the corn we have been eating has nice neat complete rows of kernels. Love the pictures and narration! Thank you for taking the time

Dana said...

Very few corn cobs here. Although I here you can pick your own somewhere.

Where do you get your broth? Do you make it yourself? Where did you get your crock pot?

Heidi said...

Yep, that corn is pitiful. Looks like someone nibbled off the kernels ahead of time!