Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Biblical Role of Women

I listened to a sermon this morning, which was a breath of fresh air for me, yet I know the topic is a very controversial one. What should the role of women be in the family? Should they be the bread winners? Cook and clean? Are they less important? More important? The pants wearers? Heck, is there any need for a man or husband in the home at all? As suggested by so many, would my kids really be better off being at school at 2 or 3 years of age? With a nanny? Can a teacher teach my kids to share? Not be picky eaters? Be independent and well adjusted? In today's culture, it is super offensive to suggest that a women belongs at home. Even yesterday, I met with blank stares and gasps of shock when I suggested I actually LIKED being home with my kids, and I didn't want them to go to school at 2 or 3 as I LIKE to be the one to teach them, nurture them, discipline them, and yes, help them not be picky eaters. I also LIKE to take care of my home and my husband. Even more importantly, who else could better model to a child a life lived to obey God, to love Him and serve others (apart from dad, of course!) I am so thankful that God has blessed me with these five people to love, serve, and minister to. I'm frankly tired of feeling like I have to apologize to people for my choice to stay home and serve my family and seemingly waste my education.

I encourage you to listen to this sermon and think about it. If you don't believe in God, or you don't think that God's Word, the Bible is true, then this will more than likely make you angry or it will just seem ridiculous. But, for me, Alistair's sermon was a breath of fresh air as I get so tired of feeling pressured to bend and twist God's Word to look like our culture. I would much rather see our culture bend and twist to line up with God's Word. Imagine what a world that would be?! Husbands leading and loving. Wives loving, nurturing, and respecting. Children obeying and honoring. Workers working hard and being honest.

Oh how grievous sin is, that it's mangled God's good plan for us. I'm so thankful that God sent Christ to die for our sins so that we no longer have to be slaves to sin, and we have a hope in Heaven, when all will be made right again.

And in case you're wondering... by being a mere house wife, I don't feel enslaved, hindered, or devalued. I feel FREE.

Here's the sermon:


Anonymous said...

I just want to point out that not all women are able to stay home (as much as they would like too). I am one of those women who for circumstances outside both Dan and my control has placed me back into the working world. Its hard, but I know that through my sacrifice, I am helping my family out during a very hard time in our lives. Working has also given me compassion for other working women and how to best support and love them. Unfortunately, many times they feel condemned by Christians because they work. Let us support both groups of women, we all need God's love and strength.

SIX Thirys said...

Hey Morgan, thanks for pointing that out. I agree that there are certainly times when a mother has to work outside of the home (and Alistair also mentions this). There are single mom's, widows, divorcees, and married women who's husbands cannot work, or the family will come to literal financial ruin without her income. I think the biggest issue is the heart behind it. I think there is a difference between me going to work so that I can help pay for our second new car and our huge morgage and our kid's private school vs. me working so that we have enough food or heat for the winter. And there will be the cases where a husband insists his wife works, and she's coming under his authority. I just think our culture has sadly bought specifically into threehuge lies that are threatening our families. 1) We have to have MORE, BETTER, and BIGGER things to be happy, therefore I must work. 2) My kids are better off with me working. Cuz, I'd kill 'em or they'd drive me crazy if we were together all day. 3) I have to PROVE myself and my worth as a woman/human, therefore I will work. All that to say, Mo, I agree with you- we need to be compassionate, and my intention isn't to judge or analyze everyone else's choices, but to encourage Christian gals out there to look at scripture, see what God's priority is, and compare their own hearts and life to that. I just think so often, pastors and believers in general, don't want to talk about this so as not to go against the cultural current. I just wish that, especially in the church, the role of home maker/ mother/ help meet was esteemed, so that young gals wouldn't feel foolish for aspiring to it.

P.S... I can't wait to read your book! Please keep me posted as to when it's released (and maybe I can get an autograph in there :-)