Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In over my Hair

I wasn't a very girly girl growing up. I couldn't even put my hair into a decent pony tail until college. (Please don't embarrass me by finding any of my high school yearbooks). I can't blame my mom... because I love her.  And I won't blame my sister... because... I love her too.  But, I can say, it's been a slow yet fun journey learning how to embrace femininity and also instill that quality into my little girl.

Eliana was born with a LOT of hair.

Her hair is soft and slippery, and it grows forward in a constant effort to hide her beautiful face from the world. I've tried clips, rubber bands, bangs, head bands- you name it. And while conceptually, Eliana likes the idea of looking like a princess, she has a severe case of the wiggles and apparently a VERY sensitive scalp (and by "apparently" I mean, the girl could fall off of a small cliff, break bones, need sutures, and still dust herself off and say, "I fell" and then run off into the sunset. So, I'm not buying her "you're hurting my head!" act.)

Anyway, inspired by my dear friend Brittany's faithfulness to braid and care for her daughter's hair, leaving Sophie the constant love of my dear Elijah's life... I thought I'd try to braid Eliana's bangs this morning.

After a fairly sloppy attempt at a french braid, the hair behind it launched a massive offensive and plunged right over the braid and promptly hid Eliana's face. Undeterred, I grabbed another wad of hair, and with equally deliberate sloppiness, I forced it into a braided line. The hair behind that decided to try something new. It launched itself straight up in the air then fell in a disorganized heap down the back of her head.

So, one thing led to another, and Eliana ended up with a head-full of five sloppy braids. I think it suits her. It's cute, spunky, and despite all attempts to contain it, it still marches to its own beat.

If any of you women out there, seasoned with femininity want to offer me any bi-racial hair care advice, I'm all ears! (or thumbs).

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Anonymous said...

I love the braids! So cute from the front too! Have you tried braiding again since then? I cant wait to see her, she's so grown up.
Love you, Britt